Storing jewelry while traveling

Something I have yet to master is the ability to travel light.  I’m trying, I really am.  And I’m getting better.  Being shallow and slutty, though, I always want to look good.  Part of that, for me, is accessorizing.

jewelry storage organizer pouch

Right now, I’m spending two months in the South of France with a cool guy I Tinder-banged and traveled with for nine days last year.  I quit my job, packed up, and temporarily “moved in” to his apartment, because why the hell not?  Despite this being my longest trip abroad (projected 3-4 months total, visiting various friends), I don’t think I’ve ever packed so light before.  I’ve got maybe five tops, four dresses, three pairs of jeans…whatever, maybe that sounds like a decent amount to some people, but it’s not something I’m used to at this point.  At all.

Anyway, in choosing my outfits, I had to coordinate my jewelry accordingly, because I have A LOT of jewelry, and I love to accessorize.  In the past, something I always had an issue with was my jewelry getting tangled or broken inside my suitcase.  That’s why I bought this cute little pouch by a company called BagSmart via AliExpress.

Note: I am NOT currently an affiliate marketer and I do NOT get paid to promote this product.  I’m literally just writing about it because I like it, and it’s fairly inexpensive, and if you’re looking for a solution for traveling with jewelry, this is a great option, as long as you can allow 4+ weeks for delivery.

I love that it has multiple pockets, so pieces of jewelry will not get tangled together.  It even has a plastic panel for attaching earrings, as well as a soft tube that can be snapped apart, loaded with rings, and snapped back together to keep them in place.  That way, your rings aren’t just floating around getting caught in your necklaces.

Part of me wants to buy a second one just so I can bring more jewelry when I travel…but no, I will resist the urge.


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