Free love in Budapest


Before Evan left Grandio for his three-day business trip, he asked me if there were any staff members I was attracted to.  I told him I was kinda digging Curb and Patches, “but it’s not like anything is going to happen.”


The first night Evan was gone, I sucked Curb off in a public bathroom.  People legitimately clapped when we walked out.  We then sort of uncomfortably navigated the next day by forcefully ignoring what had happened while considering how we felt about it.  I felt good, but nervous.  Were we going to get in trouble?  He was staff and I was a guest, after all.  I was concerned I’d crossed an unspoken line by hitting on him.

Then, late that night, I came across him walking around the hostel in only his bright red boxer briefs.  The two of us were alone, and I had a bottle of vodka in my hand.  Stunning as he looked, literally standing there in his underwear, I couldn’t help myself from inviting him to join me at a table.  Some visitors came and went, sharing the bottle with us, but we ultimately ended up in his room, the staff’s room, together.

I’ve mentioned before that I’m a screamer.  I’m really loud in bed.  Usually, when I’m sober enough, I can attempt to curtail the noise to a more appropriate level.

But I was not sober enough.  Curb fucked me and I screamed my fool head off, to the point where, the next morning, when I woke up looking for my purse and jacket, everyone smirked and told me, “Check the staff room.”  Awkward.  Clearly I’d been talked about.  “It’s not a walk of shame.  It’s a stride of pride,” I kept repeating to myself.

Also, neither of us remembered the sex at all beyond the simple fact that it happened, so that was actually pretty funny.  Upon waking, Curb feigned guilt recalling to the other staff, “I fucked Evan’s girlfriend last night,” but he couldn’t conjure up any details.  Neither could I.

The next night was even weirder.  Again, I was alone with another bottle of vodka, until somehow Curb and Patches ended up sharing it with me.  We sat on the ground, passing it around like some sort of grown-up version of spin the bottle, when Patches abruptly asked, in his heavy Irish accent, “How would you two feel about a treesome?”  (Emphasis mine.)

I was drunk with two super cute boys, and I was not about to say no!  First I went “skiing” as the kids say, stroking their dicks simultaneously.  They also took turns going down on me, and I offered my mouth between them in return.  Mainly, we ended up with Patches fucking me in his bunk while I craned my neck out and gave Curb head as he stood by the bedside, and he sometimes slapped Patches on the ass in encouragement.  I’ve had a lot of threesomes in my young life, but not many were MMF.  This turned out to be a really fun experience.

Curb fell asleep, and Patches and I moved over to the Anal Room.  Guests Jasha and Jess were fucking in there, so we watched them for a bit before continuing ourselves.  We got down to business, he came on my face, and then he misspelled my name when adding ours to the wall together.  A good night was had by all of us!

When Evan got back, the first thing he said to Curb and Patches was, “So how loud is Crystal, though?”  YIKES.

But, what I love about the free-spirited, maybe even cavalier attitude shared between all of us, is that no one was jealous.  No one felt threatened or insecure.  We were all just there, together, sharing experiences of free love.  That, to me, is the best way to be. ❤

And no, I’m nobody’s girlfriend, but that was the most perfect humble-brag, too.




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